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Conservatorship or Guardianship by a Competent Attorney!

If you need a guardianship and/or conservatorship, then the Law Office of Timothy Ciaffoni can prepare the paper work and file on your behalf.

Or, if you are looking and need someone to act in the capacity of a guardian or conservator, then Attorney Ciaffoni is available  to accept such an appointment.


The Law Office of Attorney Timothy Ciaffoni is not only your go-to source for Guardianship/Conservatorship preparation and filing, but Attorney Ciaffoni is also available to act as a private guardian or conservator.


With years of experience and being directly involved in dozens and dozens of guardianship cases, Attorney Ciaffoni has the ability to file the necessary paperwork to have someone appointed as a conservator or guardian.  Also, Attorney Ciaffoni also accepts appointments, usually by a referral from another law firm, to act as a guardian or conservator.  He is well acquainted with the rules and regulations of the MUPC and has a host of support personal available for unique, complicated or sensitive situations including bookkeeping personal, CPA’s, independent clinicians, and elder  or nursing advocates.


Conservatorship or a Guardianship is a process to help a child or an elderly person that you may know by stepping into the "shoes" of the other person.

The process involving legal issues surrounding a guardianship or conservatorship can be vexing.  Many times, a sudden situation is sprung upon you concerning the care of your parents or your children, what do you do?  The answer is not always easy, and it may be overwheming at a glance when the courts will sometimes impose a stressful and tedious process that is difficult to navigate alone. To get started, answer these questions:


  • Is the person unable to care for themself?

  • Is the person unable to take care of their finances?

  • Does the person live alone?


If you answered these questions in the afirmative then a conservator and/or a guardian maybe appropriate.


We are here to help!


Here, at the Law Office of Attorney Ciaffoni we provide a competent legal team that can help in deciding whether a

Guardianship is right for you, and all your estate planning needs. Click here, to schedule a meeting

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  • Has there been a recent medical event?

  • Is the person hospitalized?

  • Does the person need long term care?